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Lindsey Tibus & Dominic DeMark
What's New at Get Movin'?

Nichole Montoya
Helping PTOs Easily Collect Payments and Forms with Cheddar Up
Kelli Deferme
How to Fundraise Using Feedback For Good
Mark Clark
How to Fundraise with Your Everyday Essentials Purchases

Michael Danzansky
Why Today’s Parents Need to Step-Up

Bill Klansic
Online Student/Child Safety
Eric Snow
Increasing Male Engagement in Schools
McKenna Olson
Bring Girls on the Run to Your School
Kelly Russell
Congratulations! You're the Auction Chair. Now what?

Laurie Hochman
Elevate Your School's Funds: Maximizing Impact Through Auctions
Al McDonald
A Better Way to Procure Auction Items
Anza Goodbar &
Izzy Whitney
From Participation to Passion: Fueling Parent Engagement in Your PTO
Valerie Jaye
Volunteer Magic Begins with You

Tim Mollenkopf
Bring Fun, Laughter and Smiles to Build Your School Community
Eshed Doni
Gifting Teachers the Right Way
Erik Lackey
Pledge Drives Made Easy
Cindy Basile
Fundraise with School Holiday Shops and Spirit Geer

Susan Kocak
How to Raise Funds Quickly and Easily
Erin Kerr
Ending the Weekend Hunger Gap in Your Community
Hayley Wertz
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